Psychological help

Our center uses the most effective and advanced methods of treatment of so-called "borderline" neurological and psychiatric disorders. We carry out correction of impaired personal, microsocial (familial) relationships using novel techniques.


Our center helps to deal with difficulties with privacy. We put into practice restoration of sexual functions and carry out specialized trainings.


We provide multipurpose touch while dealing with treatment of psychopathological disorders of diverse origin. The most novel psychopharmacological drugs with minimized adverse effects are being used for this purpose. This way of solving of the problem allows us to keep our patients well socialized and to preserve their usual mode of life (study, work).


We carry out diagnostics and treatment of pathologies of central and peripheral nervous system (paresis, palsy, epilepsy etc.) of diverse origin. Additional specialists of adjacent fields (kinesiologist, speech therapist, neuropsychologist) can be got to rehabilitation in case of necessity.


Usage of unique authors' methods helps us to verify diagnosis and to restore impaired functional possibilities. Special way of treatment with no drug being used allows improving tolerance to everyday stress factors.

Sportsmen' psychology

Our specialists deal with expansion of personal resources of sportsmen at any stage of preparations for competitions. Usage of unique authors' techniques allows raising the level of self-actualization.


Our centre is set up by a team of highly professional and effective practitioners in the sphere of medical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, addictology, sexology, neurology, neurophysiology, and other adjacent fields.

Our experts will help you to cope with any problem related to the human psyche from psychological discomfort to serious mental derangement. The most efficient classical, modern, authors’ techniques are used in the process of treatment. They also include non-traditional methods of correction that enable you to get the positive dynamics of your condition in the nearest time after the call. If necessary, modern psychopharmacological medicines permitted on the territory of Russian Federation can be appointed.

When working with patients of the Centre individual and multidimensional medical rehabilitation programs with an emphasis on psychotherapeutic, psychological and other methods of correction and social rehabilitation and reintegration are used.

Our centre actively cooperates with the leading scientific institutions specialized in the sphere of development and application of innovative diagnostical methods and therapeautical treatment of mental illnesses. We have designed and still continue development of various programs of treatment and rehabilitation of all major mental derangements and neurotic disorders created with the usage of topical authors’ techniques.

If indicated, we suggest our clients outpatient treatment that embraces invasive procedures (including the most effective form of medication — intravenous drip) without discontinuing working activities. Medical procedures are being carried out under the supervision of the doctor.

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Professors, Doctors and Candidates of Medicine, Doctors of the highest category, possessing extensive practical experience advise in our Centre.


We cooperate with major national research Centres, and Centres with international recognition for the introduction of new methods of diagnosing and treatment of mental illnesses. Our experts and consultants actively publish their scientific articles in international journals.


Our scientific and practical consultants are highly professional experts of Russian Federation with a worldwide reputation.


Our specialists use modern, authors‘ techniques of diagnosing and the most efficient methods of treatment proven in the world practice.


We focus on solving a concrete problem, without numerous, at times costly and unnecessary, uninformative examinations for any particular patient.


The result of the treatment is highly important for us, that‘s why we supervise the patient‘s condition on the phone during the process of treatment.


We carry out health improvement and harmonization of microsocial environment (family) of the patient.


Throughout our functioning not only the citizens of Russian Federation and the CIS countries asked for help, but also clients from abroad.


We guarantee complete anonymity.


We carry out home visits.


Comfortable procedure room is organized in our Centre.


We are situated in a walking distance from Belyaevo metro station.


Gonopolsky Alexander Marksovich
Head of the Centre, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Ph.D.

"Our Centre is a core medical institution that uses in its work the latest diagnosing and treatment means, developed in close collaboration with leading research centres. Our doctors are trained to work with modern methods of providing psychotherapeutic care, mental health treatment; all of them have valid certificates and are constantly improving their professional skills. Professors, Doctors and Candidates of Medical Sciences, Doctors with many years of practical work carry out appointments."

Scherbakova Irina
Psychiatrist, Doctor of Medicine, Professor

In 1986 she graduated from the 2nd Moscow State Medical Institute n.a. N.I. Pirogov (now Russian State Medical University). She was trained in the clinical internship in "psychiatry" at All-Union Research Centre of Mental Health of RAMS. After that she combined practical work of the psychiatrist with scientific research. In 2000 she defended her candidate thesis, in 2006 — doctoral thesis.

Since 2006 she is engaged in teaching and educational activities at the Department of Psychiatry and Addictology of MSCU.

Irina Valentinovna conducts intensive medical advisory work on the basis of urban psychiatric hospital number 15, in which differential diagnostic, expert and therapeutic tasks are being solved. She has extensive experience in the treating patients with neuro-psychiatric disorders.

Author of more than 60 scientific publications — domestic and foreign, textbooks for medical students; she holds patents for inventions in the sphere of psychiatry and neurology.

Basic research and practical interests: enhancing of effectiveness of diagnosing and treating schizophrenia spectrum disorders, disorders of the nervous system development; neuro-immune interactions in mental illnesses.

Professional interests: treating schizophrenia, schizotypical disorders, depressions, conditions of anxiety.

Accumulated clinical and scientific experience, participation in international psychopharmaceutical research activities allow her to freely take her cue in matters of psychopharmacotherapy, conduct psychometric testing, interpret the results of additional laboratory and neurovisualizational studies.

04.07.2011 New textbook "Schizophrenia. Issues of etiopathogenesis, clinics, treatment" was released. The authors of the textbook — Bardenshtein L.M. and Shcherbakova I.V.

Historical, epidemiological, clinical aspects of schizophrenia are set out in the textbook. The issues of etiology and pathogenesis, classifications, diagnosis in the light of modern ideas. The manual contains detailed clinical illustrations, drawings, psychometric methods for assessing productive and negative symptoms (PANSS).

Gonopolskaya Viktoria
Deputy Head of the Centre, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, doctor of the highest category

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist of the highest category, in her practical activity uses enormous knowledge in the sphere of psychiatry, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, sexology, addictology, psychology.

In 1984 she graduated from Kiev Medical Institute with honors. Since 1984-86 she studied in clinical internship at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of General and Forensic Psychiatry n.a. V.P. Serbsky in Moscow.

Since 1988 she has been working in practical psychiatry, dealing with the diagnosing and treating various neuropsychical disorders, worked as a psychotherapist at the Central Clinic of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation number 17, being a psychiatrist-expert she studies the most complicated mental anomalies in terms of diagnosing that define the social role in the human life.

Priority areas are treating neuroses, various phobias, panic attacks; early stages of alcoholism, drug addiction, compulsive gambling and other addictive behavior disorders, including love addiction; correction of interpersonal relationships in the family, problems of childhood and adolescence.

If necessary, effectively uses a wide range of modern psychopharmacological medicines of the latest generation.

In 1996 she studied at the Academy of the Teutsch IDEAL Method (ATIM) (Tel Aviv, Israel), in 2004, took a course in the Centre of NLP-technologies "PSYCHOTERAPY OF PERSONAL HISTORY" (Moscow). Full member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russian Federation.

In 2005 she held an internship in sports psychology under the supervision of the famous psychotherapists Candidate of Pedagogics A.V. Alexeev who is engaged in training sportsmen of different levels, including the winners and champions of the USSR, European Championships, World Championships, Olympic Games for more than 40 years.

Having mastered A.V. Alexeev's unique method of correction of neuropsychological activity of sportsmen — achievement of the "optimal combat condition (OCC)", she has successfully applied it in numerous neuropsychical disorders of neurotic level — phobias, panic conditions, depressions, psychological discomfort and many others.

Professional priorities:

Individual psychotherapy:

  • panic conditions of various manifestation of origin,
  • depressions,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • fears and various phobias.

Family psychotherapy:

  • assistance in formation or preservation of the family;
  • help in family and sexual disharmony;
  • rehabilitation during and after divorce.


  • schizophrenia (except for malignant forms);
  • psychiatric disorders in organic brain damage;
  • decompensation at the border neuropsychiatric anomaly, neurotic level of worry and other mental illnesses;
  • treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, using a wide range of psychotherapeutic techniques of NLP, rational psychotherapy and other modern methods of psychological correction.

In the process of advisory highly professional help in various neuropsychiatric disorders (from significant psychological — schizophrenia, organic brain damage etc., decompensations of boundary neuropsychical pathology to worries of neurotic level) is being carried out.

Individual programs of treatment (cure) at the above-mentioned pathology that presuppose effective (if necessary and in accordance with a client-patient) psychopharmacological treatment by means of modern medicines, the so called the 4th generation medicines, are being discussed and recommended, and in some cases for quick results — intravenous medication.

Zlova Tatiana
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Doctor of Medicine, associate professor

In 1992 she graduated from Chita State Medical Institute (at present — Chita State Medical Academy). After training at clinical internship in "psychiatry" worked at the Department of Psychiatry, Addictology and Medical Psychology of Chita State Medical Academy for more than 20 years, from 2008 — as a professor.

Successfully combined research and teaching activities with work in public health practice: being a principal child psychiatrist of the Ministry of Public Health of Trans-Baikal Territory, regional psychiatric hospital consultant of Trans-Baikal region.

At present — Professor of Psychotherapy and Addictology Department of the Faculty of upgrading the level of proficiency at Russian University of Peoples' Friendship.

Author of more than 170 scientific publications including two monographs, manuals for doctors, training textbooks for medical students. Thesis research papers reflect the issues of effectiveness of patients with schizophrenia therapy (Candidate thesis, 1999) and problems of timely diagnosing and treating developmental delay among children (Doctoral dissertation, 2007). She has huge experience in international psycho pharmaceutical studies in the sphere of treatment of schizophrenia and anxiety and depressive disorders. She is the head of research studies in the field of childen psychiatry.

Basic research and practical interests — therapy of schizophrenia spectrum disorders and anxiety and depressive disarrays, increasing the diagnosis efficiency and treatment of development pathology among children.

Priority areas of professional activity

In the sphere of psychiatry:

  • schizophrenia including children's;
  • emotional and behavior disorders in children age — aggression, anxiety, fears, suicidal behavior, children's autism;
  • development disorders among children;
  • problems of non-chemical dependency among children and adolescents (games, computer) and behavior disorders as a result of it;
  • psychiatric disorders in organic brain damage;
  • anxiety and depression, phobic disorders of the borderline level.

In the sphere of psychotherapy:

  • Individual psychotherapy: help with anxiety, depression and phobic disorders, psychosomatic disorders, panic attacks;
  • Family psychotherapy: problems of identity formation in adolescence, the issues of child-parent and spousal relationships.
Krilatih Victoria
Psychotherapist, psychiatrist


  • Graduated from Russian State Medical University in 2000.
  • Clinical internship in pediatrics at the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases with the course of vaccine prevention at the FDI (RSMU).
  • Clinical internship in psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry, Addictology and Psychotherapy of MSMSU.
  • Specialization in psychotherapy at MSMSU.

Thesis: "The treatment of anxiety disorders of borderline circle by means of a selective inhibitor of imagery capture of serotonin and noradrenalin by venlafaxine."

Priority areas of psychological care are:

  • depressions,
  • neuroses,
  • panic attacks and their consequences (impossibility of using metro and other modes of transport, intolerance of crowds)
  • fear of flights,
  • social phobias,
  • nervous anorexia,
  • psychological problems (low self-esteem, lack of confidence, communication difficulties)
  • states of crisis (bereavement, divorce, rape).

She has enormous experience in outpatient treatment of anxiety disorders and broad knowledge in the field. The latest years she studies immune disorders that accompany anxiety. She has scientific publication.

If necessary she uses a wide range of pharmaceutical medicines and a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques in her work:

  • neuro-linguistic programming,
  • Erickson's hypnosis,
  • cognitive therapy,
  • body-oriented psychotherapy.

Additional areas of work — psychotherapeutic support of pregnancy:

  • overcoming of the fear of childbirth,
  • concern for the outcome of pregnancy,
  • fears for the fetus,
  • fear of motherhood,
  • fear of miscarriage.

Was trained according to the method of "optimal combat condition" (by Alexeev A.V.) at Gonopolsky A.M. Successfully applies the method in practice, including in the work with sportsmen.

Abakumova Helena
Psychotherapist, psychiatrist

Akmola Medical Academy in speciality of medicine, internship in specialty of psychiatrist-psychotherapist, psychiatrist-expert in addictology. Since 1995 works in practical psychiatry, addictology. Was in charge of the department in the urban addictological treatment clinic. She worked at the Republican Clinical Hospital of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Oversaw the members of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Was engaged in the treatment of various kinds of neurotic disorders, stress disorders, psychosomatic diseases, anxiety conditions, fears, phobias.

Since 2005, she worked at the Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. Was engaged in the treatment of depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychological rehabilitation of trauma patients.

She worked with programs on eating habits disorders. She is familiar with the technique that allows to reduce the weight and to keep it at the desired level.

Defended her thesis on "Primary prevention of patients with cardio — vascular disorders", specialization in psychotherapy at the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (aress — cognitive — behavioral therapy, Erickson's hypnosis, NLP, family psychotherapy).

Priority areas of psychotherapeutic treatment are:

  • depressions,
  • neuroses, neurosis-like states,
  • anxiety conditions, fears, panic attacks,
  • menopausal disorders,
  • post-traumatic stress disorder, crises conditions,
  • psychosomatic diseases (gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, asthma, hypertension, insomnia, neurodermatitis),
  • hypochondriacal disorders,
  • psychotherapy of family relations,
  • personal problems (lack of confidence, low self-esteem etc.)
  • eating habits disorders (anorexia, bulimia).

In her work she uses:

  • rational psychotherapy,
  • hypnosuggestive psychotherapy (hypnosis, Erickson's hypnosis),
  • NLP,
  • family psychotherapy,
  • autotraining (progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson),
  • cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy,
  • therapy in overweight,
  • psychopharmacological techniques of treatments.

Was trained according to the method of "optimal combat condition" (by Alexeev A.V.) at Gonopolsky A.M. Successfully applies the method in practice, including in the work with sportsmen.

Zherehov Alexey
Psychotherapist, psychiatrist


  • Tyumen State Medical Academy in "Pediatrics".
  • Clinical internship in "Psychiatry".
  • Certified training cources on the basis of St. Petersburg Scientific Research Psychoneurologic Institute n.a. Behterev — "Clinical Psychotherapy" and "Psychotherapy in Addictology".
  • Diploma in Psychotherapy with the course of psychoanalytical psychotherapy on the basis of Tyumen State Medical Academy.

Since 1999 he has been working in practical psychotherapy and psychiatry.

Priority areas of psychotherapeutic care are:

Individual psychotherapy:

  • treatment of fears;
  • treatment of depression, apathy;
  • psychotherapy of panic attacks and anxiety disorders;
  • treatment of dependencies (alcohol, drug, tobacco, gambling, food);
  • assistance in solving the problems of personal growth and development;
  • psychologically reflexogen course of pregnancy support with the training of preparation for childbirth.

Family psychotherapy:

  • harmonization of relationships (the resolution of problems and conflicts);
  • development of effective tactics of raising a child.


  • treatment of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses;
  • treatment of autism among children and correction of psychospeech development delay.
  • treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders among children.

Psychotherapeutic techniques that are being used: rational, cognitive-behavioral therapy, body-oriented, hypnotherapy, autogenic training, breathing relaxation exercises, psychoanalytic, gestalt therapy, art therapy, fairytales therapy, play therapy, and many others.

He was trained according to the method of "optimal combat condition" (by Alexeev A.V.) at Gonopolsky A.M. Successfully applies the method in practice, including in his work with sportsmen.

Fastovets Helena
Psychotherapist, psychiatrist

In 1999 she graduated from the Kursk State Medical University, general medicine, in specialty of "Clinical psychologist". Then took an internship in psychiatry, for two years worked as a psychiatrist at BPO MIA in Kursk.

More than 8 years she worked as a psychiatrist-psychotherapist at the outpatient clinic at the urban Kursk Hospital.

Priority areas of psychotherapeutic care are:

Individual psychotherapy:

  • neuroses, neurosis-like states,
  • depressions,
  • anxiety conditions, fears, panic attacks,
  • post-traumatic stress disorders, crises conditions,

Family therapy:

  • assistance in creation or preservation of the family;
  • rehabilitation during and after divorce

In her work she uses:

  • rational psychotherapy,
  • NLP,
  • hypnotherapy,
  • psychopharmacological techniques of treatment.

Was trained according to the method of "optimal combat condition" (by Alexeev A.V.) at Gonopolsky A.M. Successfully applies the method in practice, including in the work with sportsmen.

Simakova Irina
Neurophysiologist, Candidate of Biology

She graduated from Moscow State University (MSU) n.a. M.V. Lomonosov, the Faculty of Biology, Department of Higher Nervous Activity, is a Candidate of Biology. The thesis is entitled "EEG — peculiarities of children and adolescents with anorexia nervosa syndrome".

Researcher at the Institute of Psychology of radioactive waste.

More than 8 years worked at the Research Centre of Mental Health of RAMS.

Author of more than 20 scientific papers, participant of international and all-national scientific conferences.

Main research interests:

  • correction of psychosomatic disorders using biofeedback,
  • development of individual biofeedback trainings,
  • study of correlation of individual neurophysiological parameters with psychological characteristics.
Kastornaya Anastasia
Sexologist, psychotherapist

Experienced, qualified sexologist, psychiatrist, certified hypnotherapist, member of the Russian scientific sexological society, successfully combines practical work with scientific activities at Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Psychiatry of Russian Public Health.


  • From 2002 to 2008 she studied at Volgograd State Medical University in medical care.
  • From 2008 to 2010 she studied at clinical internship in "sexology" at MSRIP.

Author of many scientific publications, regularly takes part in all-Russian, European and international scientific conferences. Candidate thesis is based on the study of sexual dysfunction among men and women caused by various neuropsychiatric disorders. Scientific and practical work focus on helping people with family and sexual disharmony, covers a wide range of male and female sexual dysfunction (libido, erection, ejaculation, orgasm, sexual disorders caused by psychopathological disorders).

In the treatment approaches various psychotherapeutic techniques (including hypnotherapy, self-training, a variety of techniques for improving interpersonal interactions) sexotherapeutic techniques and pharmacotherapy, which is carried out with the mandatory taking into account of individual peculiarities of physiology and related diseases of each individual patient, are widely used.

Portnyaga Olga
Psychologist, specialist in individual counseling

Practicing psychologist, specialist in individual psychological counseling.

She graduated from the Institute of Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis (Moscow), specializes in psychological counseling.

Psychological support in the following areas:

Personal problems

  • personality traits and ways of behaviors that prevent from productive work and establishing satisfying relationships;
  • lack of confidence, low self-esteem, "complexes";
  • problems of self-determination.

Problems in relationships

  • in the family (with partners, parents, children);
  • in the team;
  • failures in personal life;
  • loneliness;
  • emotional dependence.

Situations of crysis

  • prolonged stress;
  • traumatic experience (violence, threat to life);
  • loss of loved ones;
  • break of relationships, divorce;
  • loss of a job.

Situation of increased importance

  • selection and decision-making;
  • anxiety before exams, job interview, an important meeting.

How many people — so many reasons to ask for psychological help.

Some people come to a psychologist, hoping to cope with a difficult life situation and to make an reasonable decision, others expect of a psychologist the solution how to get rid of mental pain and such symptoms as depression, anxiety, fear.

Psychological help is often needed for those who have difficulties in establishing or maintaining satisfying personal relationships.

At a difficult time of your life a psychologist-counselor can help to overcome stress, to better realize your life situation, to make a balanced reasonable decision. During psychological counseling, you will have an opportunity to look at the situation wider, to assess you role in it differently, and in accordance with this new vision, to correct your behavior.

Consultation with a psychologist — is the first step that indicates a real desire to change something in yourself, in your personal relationships or professional life, and this step makes this desire more real.

Asking for help of a psychologist says on the one hand about the awareness of the urgent need to change something in your life, on the other hand — of the willingness to take responsibility for your own life. Therefore, your first step is always to be interpreted correctly and from the first visit you can count on the most serious attitude, support and respect of the specialist.

If necessary, recommendations to ask for medical psychotherapeutic help can be given, by means of which it is possible to approach the problem from a medical point of view, including the usege of psychopharmacological medicines (by agreement with the client).

Was trained according to the method of "optimal combat condition" (by Alexeev A.V.) at Gonopolsky A.M. Successfully applies the method in practice, including in the work with sportsmen.


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